This is Fitness Village!

The Game


Jump into the world of Fitness Village where ever you like! Compete with other players and claim your crown as the Grand Master of the town!


Going out? Switch the game to go view and reveal the location based bonuses for your character and enjoy the offers and services from our local partners!


Time to hit the gym or just go for a walk? Let your sensors track your movement and training and gain rewards in the game! As you develop yourself, so does your in-game character!

Meet the characters


Fitness Village is on it's journey to make active and healthy life style fun and motivating. We create the most innovative modern tools to do this, by combining activity tracking, entertaining mobile games and real world benefits for our users.

Fitness Village Ambassador -program gathers people together, who are interested in spreading the joy of Fitness Village in their own channels. As an Ambassador, we provide you all the tools you need to share the most recent and exciting news of Fitness Village -concept.

Join our Ambassador program today by sending email to communications(at)fitnessvillage(dot)com and we take care of the rest! Let's make fitness fun again!

Now head on to our Ambassador Showcase to learn more from our current, passioned Ambassadors!

About Us

Gamification, sensors and modern mobile games offer tools to start a new era of active and healthy lifestyle for everyone. Fitness Village isn’t just a game, but an ecosystem which keeps you fit while having fun at the same time.

Mobile games are a huge part of today's entertainment field and we think fitness should be a part of it, not a separate routine you must perform daily. By playing Fitness Village, you'll find yourself developing not only your in-game character, but also yourself. We offer the tools to make fitness fun again for everyone!

Fitness Village in media

Training Center

Fitness Village Training Center is a modern and versatile fitness center situated in close proximity of Kaisaniemi Metro tunnel, Helsinki.

Training Center provides its customers with highly advanced and comprehensive training services and solutions for developing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Fitness Village Training Center is equipped with latest fitness & training equipment with unique capability to connect to Fitness Village The Game.

By training with the Fitness Village The Game compatible Life Fitness equipment user will be rewarded with activity points to the Fitness Village game. Activity points can be used for in-game purchases, real life offers to the Training Center or to services and products of Fitness Village partner companies.

Currently other platforms supported by the game are from Life Fitness, Polar, Fitbit & GoogleFit.



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Arto Karppinen, Fitness Village Ambassador

"Personally for me, Fitness Village combines three of my favorite things: physical exercise, gaming and technical gadgets. As an ambassador, I would like to connect with people to motivate them to be part of healthier lifestyle."

Titta Kote, Fitness Village Ambassador

"I'm honoured to be chosen as an Ambassador of Fitness Village and to work with this skillful team. Happiness, health and overall well being are close to my heart. It feels natural to have passion and motivation to spread message of Fitness Village around the world.

I love the idea of the concept and I'm sincerely fascinated of the combination of real life and new technology. This concept actually encourages people to be active outdoors. I think health is your wealth. Fitness Village can take well being in new innovative level in a fun way. By improving your own health, you get money worth benefits through the game. How awesome is that! This concept makes me inspired."

Jarmo Mäkinen, Fitness Village Ambassador

"I personally want to be part of increasing the physical activities of young people and bring new ways to motivate and have fun at the same time. Fitness Village is a perfect tool to achieve this!"